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Our products are ideally washed by hand or on a gentle wash programme up to 40ºC.

We recommend washing your new piece separately for the first time.


When washing, never use detergents containing bleach, as it gradually weakens the fabric and will rapidly shorten its shelf life. Wring on low speed.



Linen is best dried in the fresh air or a well-ventilated area.

If you are drying clothes outdoors, make sure that especially the coloured items are not exposed to direct sunlight.


Steam ironing is ideal for linen.

It can take higher temperatures, but if you like its wrinkles, you don't need to iron it at all. After washing it while it's still damp, just shake it a bit to straighten it out.


Wrinkling is one of its exceptional qualities. The gentle wrinkling is natural and is meant to be present. In addition to the beautiful texture of the fabric, this is another sign that you are wearing natural materials.


Remember that 100% linen has the property of shrinking the fabric.

Shrinkage is however a natural phenomenon and the item will return to its original size when worn.


Natural shrinkage - 2 - 6%